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MNI Science Molecular NeuroImaging, LLC (MNI), a division of inviCRO, is a neuroimaging services company specializing in the efficient application of scintigraphic biomarkers in drug development and clinical research for neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders.

MNI provides services across the pre-clinical and clinical spectrum including radioligand development and manufacturing, design and implementation of Phase 1 to Phase 4 clinical trials, and customized clinical imaging site coordination and management in multi-site imaging studies.

Our strong emphasis is on research using investigational radiotracers with quantitative imaging outcome measures as diagnostic tools and/or for assessing disease mechanism or progression. Our focus is on developing radioligands as tools for human research.

In our Clinical Ligand Innovation Program (CLIP), pre-clinical studies using a primate model for ligand evaluation enable us to rapidly and efficiently screen candidate ligands and move promising ligands into human studies.

As of February 2016, MNI is a division of inviCRO and contributes to inviCRO's offering of full-service tissue-to-human imaging, analysis and data management services. Our combined team of over 200 research scientists will provide the most comprehensive set of imaging services across the spctrum of drug development. Read more about inviCRO's imaging solutions here.


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1 RadioChemistry Development and Production
2 Molecular Imaging in Drug Development
3 Molecular Imaging in Neuropyschiatric Disorders
4 Multi-Site Core Imaging Management
5 Quantitative Image Analysis