Quantitative Image Analysis


MNI provides unsurpassed experience and depth of knowledge in developing and utilizing validated, quantitative molecular imaging in Central Nervous System (CNS) trials.


  • MNI is a world leader in the design and implementation of quantitative dopamine transporter imaging for single-site, central site, and multi-site trials related to Parkinsonism;
  • MNI is a world leader in the design and implementation of centralized quantitative amyloid imaging and utilization of validated scoring methods in trials related to Alzheimer disease (AD) and minimal cognitive impairment (MCI);
  • MNI provides seamless integration of MRI imaging with PET or SPECT studies, including region-specific analysis or grey matter/white matter segmentation approaches;
  • MNI has developed proprietary methods for objective quantification of histopathological tissues and correlation with molecular imaging;
  • MNI routinely develops quantitative outcome measures for novel brain radiotracers;
  • MNI offers unparalleled experience in the utilization of imaging biomarkers for study enrollment criteria and for the evaluation of biomarkers with progression across a wide range of CNS diseases.