MNI was founded in 2000 by Drs. Kenneth Marek and John Seibyl to create a unique clinical research company that combines excellence in clinical neuroscience with state-of-art imaging using custom radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and monitoring of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.


This fusion of internationally-recognized expertise in the clinical and imaging arenas into a unified research-dedicated organization allowed MNI to efficiently develop and execute large-scale diagnosis, progression and disease monitoring trials that stress quantitative imaging outcome measures.


Drs. Marek and Seibyl previously established their collaboration while on the faculty at Yale University and founded MNI with twenty staff members with long-term experience in clinical imaging trials.


MNI is a privately held, limited liability company incorporated in the state of Connecticut. MNI has developed a number of strategic alliances and corporate partnerships and contracts with major pharmaceutical companies.

As of February 2016, MNI is a division of inviCRO and contributes to inviCRO's offering of full-service tissue-to-human imaging, analysis and data management services. Our combined team of over 200 research scientists will provide the most comprehensive set of imaging services across the spectrum of drug development. Read more about inviCRO's imaging solutions here.