Imaging Data Management


MNI employs a multi-step Quality Control process that ensures that the imaging data received from the sites will be of the highest quality. Through our Technical and Scientific QC process, MNI is able to quickly detect any issues with image quality or deviations from violations of the imaging protocol and intercede with the sites to address problems. The goal of this thorough QC is to deliver the highest quality data outcome to our partners.

Our imaging data management and quality system processes include:

  • Standardized protocol set-up on center cameras during the initiation period
  • Imaging center protocol training and documentation review to minimize queries and ensure GCP compliance
  • Imaging data quality checks
  • Imaging data query resolution and documentation
  • Develop and design the study database
  • Prepare Data Transfer Agreements (DTA) and deliver data according to specifications
  • Data archiving
  • Provide access to sponsors of images during the study