Expert Nuclear Medicine and Brain Imaging Consultation


Our team includes the following specialties: neurology, nuclear medicine, psychiatry, physics, and radiochemistry. By integrating these disciplines, focusing specifically on CNS and brain science, MNI has the expertise to provide a wide-range of consulting services to clients who are developing therapeutic CNS treatments as well as to companies who are developing radiopharmaceuticals.

Some of these services include:


  • Protocol Design, Protocol Writing, and Image Charter Development
  • Regulatory consultation and assistance
  • Data review
  • Strategic radiopharmaceutical and CNS drug development consultation and analysis
  • Clinical and imaging protocol design
  • Scientific publication review and assistance
  • Expert panel participation
  • Preparation and attendance at regulatory review meetings
  • Novel image analysis technique development and validation
  • Visual assessment and scientific quality control of images for independent blinded reads, eligibility assessments and standard data collection processes
  • Training at Investigator meetings